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Counting Ladybird Cushions

A premium range of brightly coloured ladybird floor cushions. Pack of 13 includes: 12 smaller ladybird cushions, numbering from 1 to 12 and 1 larger teacher ladybird cushion.  Encourages numeracy skills, great for group activities and quiet reading times. Comfortable, plush materials with varying soft textures, ideal for children to cuddle up to. Free holdall for easy-out-of-the-way storage. Meets all relevant Safety Standards.

Counting Ladybird Cushions

Counting Ladybird Cushions


Approx Cushion Size (each)

Dia x D390 x 40mm

Approx Teacher Cushion Size

Dia x H480 x 40mm


Product Code: FC0016

Price: £134.00 (pack of 13 cushions)