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Gonge Junior Trampoline with Handle

Gonge Junior Trampoline with Handle

Trampoline with High-Foam Cushion. Functionally correct and beautifully designed toy for children. Probably the most suitable trampoline ever seen in the child-care sector. The sloped protective cushion with high rear edge (11 cm) yields utmost protection during play. Foam-covered handle which can be removed if required. Reinforced spring sheet suspended in steel springs. Welded steel construction.


Dimensions: D1030mm x H280mm and 800mm with handle

Age 4 years +


Code: 2400


Price: £361.50

Gonge Mini Baby Trampoline

Gonge Mini Baby Trampoline

Very small children can practise trampoline jumping. The canvas is tensioned such that even small children will experience a springing effect which they would be too light to feel on ordinary trampolines. The spring sheet is only 12 cm above the floor. The rubber cover gives protection against the metal frame and the supporting handles are covered with foam to protect face and teeth. The construction is a solid design  which combines simplicity and function. 


Dimensions: D700mm x H140mm/650mm

Age: 2-4 years


Code: 2406


Price: £168.00

These superb Baby Trampolines enable small children to practise their trampoline jumping skills.