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Jewel Tables

Equation Jewel Tables

Jewel Tables

1440 x 866mm (individual table)


Size 1 460mm 3-4 years

Size 2 530mm 4-6 years

Size 3 590mm 6-8 years

Size 4 640mm 8-11 years

Size 5 710mm 11-14 years

Size 6 760mm 14-adult


Price: Qty 2 - 29 £97.00 each / Qty 30 - 99 £92.50 each / Qty 100+ £88.50 each


Price based on 2+ Tables

This stylish new modular design is extremely versatile, providing working space for large groups of students when placed in numerous shape combinations. The Jewel Table has a stylish 32 mm round tube frame with a robust 25 mm top. This table really does offer ultimate versatility with endless shape combinations. Three tables together create a hexagonal shape to seat 6 people. Each table is individually sold and is 1440mm x 866mm. When 3 tables are put together to create a hexagonal shape this creates a diameter of 1500mm. UK manufacturer's 5 year warranty.

Top Colour Options:

    Soft            Orange           Canary         Tangy          Summer           Lilac              Purple          Beech              Soft              White             Grey        Whiteboard

    Blue            Flame             Yellow          Green             Blue                                                                                     Lime                                   Speckle     Top (add £10.00

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                per table)

Table Edge Options:

Duraform     Duraform     Duraform     Duraform     Duraform

PU Edge       PU Edge       PU Edge       PU Edge        PU Edge

  Blue               Green          Charcoal          Red             Light Grey

Table Frame Colour Options:

Duraform       Black         Light Grey     Metallic          Silver

Speckled                                                  Charcoal       (additional

Light Grey                                                                            cost)                                                

NB:  Tables may be subject to a small delivery charge. Please check at the time of placing your order.