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Nestling Balance Path

This Nesting Balance Path is great for creating various different courses and challenges due to the different length components. The convex surfaces have four different tactile patterns in the shapes of different animal footprints including; elephant, cat, frog and duck. The paths various heights nest into one another making them easy to store and great for improving coordination.

Nesting Balance Path

Nestling Balance Path

Suitable Age: 12+ months

Product Dimensions:

Elephant L 66.4 x W 36.7 x H 17.2cm

Cat L 97.6 x W 6.6 x H 4.2cm

Duck L 112.9 x W 26.3 x H 12.7cm

Frog L 105.1 x W 16.1 x H 7.9cm


Product Code: C8514

Price: £162.00