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Rainbow Horseshoe Tables

Rainbow Horseshoe Table

Rainbow Horseshoe Table

Dimensions: 1520 x 1215mm


Code: Rain-PS-25PR


Height Adjustable between 5 key positions 400mm to 640mm:

Size 0 - 400mm 2-3 years

Size 1 - 460mm 3-4 years

Size 2 - 530mm 4-6 years

Size 3 - 590mm 6-8 years

Size 4 - 640mm 8-11 years



Qty 1 Table £342.50 each

Qty 2 - 29    £312.50 each

Qty 30 - 99  £299.50 each  

Qty 100+     £288.00 each

Rainbow Height Adjustable Horseshoe Classroom Tables feature a premium finish with a 25mm top (colour options shown below) and a spray PU Edge in either Charcoal, Blue or Light Grey. Oval shaped frames finished in Duraform Light Grey speckled paint with allen key height adjustable legs. One table fits all sizes. UK manufactured and supplied flat packed for easy assembly. 5 Year UK manufacturers warranty.

Laminate Top Colours/Frame Colours:

Supplied with matching colour frame

    Soft             Yellow           Tangy             Purple            Blue              Green              Red

    Blue                                    Green    

Table Edge Options:

Duraform     Duraform     Duraform     Duraform     Duraform

PU Edge       PU Edge       PU Edge       PU Edge        PU Edge

  Blue               Green          Charcoal          Red             Light Grey

Laminate Top Colours/Frame Colour Options:

Supplied with Duraform Speckled Light Grey Frame

 Orange          Summer           Lilac            Beech            Light              Maple         Whiteboard

  Flame              Blue                                                            Grey                                   Top (Add £10.00

                                                                                                                                            per table)