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Real World Stem Challenge Kit 1

Children learn to think like real scientists & engineers—as they design, build & test a working parachute, a leakproof roof & a floating raft! Our kit was specially developed to introduce kids to the STEM design process as a way to solve problems—students will plan, build, test and then improve their designs until they are successful. Kit comes packed with everything you need to work through 3 exciting challenges…plus a detailed lesson plan that makes it easy to focus students’ learning & explain the STEM concepts behind each challenge.  Includes everything shown; comes in a 41.91cms centre.


Topics include science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


Suitable Age: 5+ years

Real World Stem Challenge Kit Age 5 to 6 KS1

Real World Stem Challenge Kit 1

Age 5 to 6 (KS1)


Code: C1631


Price: £204.00