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Role Play Resources

Early years role play resources provide everything you need to initiate and encourage children to join in imaginative play. Excite young children's curiosity with our fantastic range of dress up, kitchens, market stalls. Combine learning and fun with these creative and attractively designed products which will give children hours of fun as they emulate people and situations they see around them.

Premium Wooden Kitchen

Premium Wooden Kitchen

from £88.50

Mobile Kichen Station

Mobile Kitchen Station

from £231.00

Corner Market Stall

Corner Market Stall

from £242.00

Dressing up Cupboard Puppet Theatre Station

Puppet Theatre Station

from £328.00

Community Helpers Puppet Set Wooden Market Stand

Wooden Market Stand

from £86.00

Winther Community Vehicles Occupational Tabards Occupational Play Mats

Occupational Tabards

from £47.00 per set

Occupation Mix up Tiles

from £52.00 per set

Professions Carpets

Professions Carpets

from £166.50 each